Worship and Prayer Team

Worship & Prayer Team Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Secure worship assistants for each service (ushers, greeters, communion servers, etc).
  2. Oversee the Prayer Chain (church secretary)
  3. Coordinate with the Congregational Life Ministry Team to ensure the guest book and follow-up are conducted.
  4. Maintain Sunday service attendance information.
  5. Ensure communion supplies are available and secured.
  6. Develop and update as needed an informational booklet/pamphlet which describes Faith Lutheran and LCMC and ensure its availability for interested people.
  7. Provide public relations through newspaper articles, congregational notices and other media.
  8. Ensure bulletins and other information are available for church services.
  9. Coordinate with other Faith Lutheran Ministry Teams as needed to accomplish specific projects/mission efforts.
  10. Assist the church council in financial budgeting activities.
  11. Oversee altar preparation and volunteers.
The Altar Guild is a sub-team of the Worship & Prayer Team