Finance and Management Team

Finance Team Duties & Responsiblities

  1. Oversee the financial, property, and stewardship life of the congregation.
  2. Prepare the annual budget and present the budget to the congregation at the annual meeting.
  3. Receive all financial contributions and deposits through the Financial Secretary.
  4. Oversight of the checking, savings, and investments accounts of Faith Lutheran Church.
  5. Preparation of monthly reports to the church council and congregation regarding the financial condition of Faith Lutheran through the Treasurer.
  6. Maintain records of individual giving and report to the congregation members as needed through the Financial Secretary.
  7. Provide worship and office space for the church’s operations.
  8. Conduct studies and research into purchase of church property and make recommendations to the church council.
  9. Maintain appropriate property inventory records.
  10. Form subcommittees as needed for various maintenance/financial projects.
  11. Coordinate with other Faith Lutheran Ministry Teams as needed to accomplish specific projects/mission efforts.
  12. Assist the church council in financial budgeting activities.
Facility & Maintenance team is a sub-team of the Finance and Management Team