Altar Guild

Altar Guild Duties & Responisiblities

  1. Set up for Communion
  • Arrive at least 40 minutes before service begins
  • Make sure to wash hands or use handy wipes to wash hands before handling bread, wine, grape juice, cups and etc.
  • Set up 6 TV trays – three on each side of the altar. First tray will be for cups, second tray will be for grape juice and third tray will be bowl for disposal of cups.
  • Fill baskets full of cups
  • Put a paper towel liner in white bowls for disposal of cups.
  • Fill goblets with wine, just below the lines on the inside of goblets. Also fill the wine pitcher for refilling the goblets.   Place white cloth over each goblet and pitcher
  • Make up four plates (2 for each side) of grape juice with 6-8 cups on each plate.
  • Cut or break apart bread (brought in by bread maker) and place on 2 plates. Take extra bread out of freezer and put on extra plate for back-up.   Place 2-3 gluten-free wafers broke into 4 pieces in muffin liner and put on side of plate.  Place one piece of unbroken bread on main plate on the left side of altar. (This will be broke by pastor) Place white cloth over each bread plate.
  • With the traveling plate put two cups of wine and one cup of grape juice. Put on three pieces of bread and one piece of gluten free wafer in a muffin liner.  (Do not cover)
  • Use photos to help guide you on placement of items on the altar.
  1. Changing of Colors
  • Make sure the correct color is on the altar. Liturgical calendar is in the storage room – this will show you when the colors will be changing.
  • Change the narthex banners according to the liturgical calendar.
  1. Candles
  • Candles on the altar need to be lit before worship service begins and blown out at the end of service. Gently push edges of candles inward after blowing out the candles.
  • Tall candles from storage room use candle oil and will be used for baptisms and other services. Check these candles for oil before lighting them.
  1. Baptisms
  • Place baptismal font on the right side of the altar with cross facing outward.
  • Place baptismal bowl (found in supply closet) in font.
  • Fill water pitcher with warm water before service begins and place on altar.
  • Choose a quilt/blanket and card from Faith Comforters’ closet in back of narthex and make sure to sign it out with all the information.
  • Make sure the baptismal cloth and candle are also on the altar.
  • Place one tall candle on end of altar by baptismal font.
  1. Flowers and Seasonal Items
  • If flowers are available please place on ends of altar or use stands stored in the storage room.
  • According to seasons and liturgical calendar, set up Christmas tree, advent wreath, Good Friday, Easter (Butterflies), Thanksgiving, as needed in the Sanctuary.
  1. Clean Up
  • Clean communion ware as soon as service is done- wash and dry communion ware in kitchen.
  • Soiled linens used for communion, please take home for washing.
  • Extra bread put in zip lock bag and put in freezer. Unfrozen extra bread can be disposed of.
  • Extra wine pour back in bottle. Extra grape juice needs to be thrown away and not saved.
  1. Sign Up Table in Narthex
  • When arriving at church check sign up table to make sure that there are ushers, greeters, scripture reader and communion assistants for the days worship service.
  • After service try and find people to fill in areas of the next worship service.
  • Maintain the Faith attendance book each week with amount of people attending church, events that may have happened in church and if anyone other than Pastor Nate was preaching that service.
  1. Altar Supplies
  • Order and maintain the altar supplies of communion wine, gluten-free wafers, communion cups, candles, order and maintain the altar wax candles, maintain adequate number of baptismal bowls.
    • Communion Wine – Purchased at Coborn’s Liquor (tax exempt for sales tax)
    • Baptism Bowls – Susan Beyer (Rice, MN) 320-259-6661 Cell: 320-282-1411
    • Gluten Free Wafers, Handi-Wipes, Altar Candles, White Grape Juice, Etc. – Purchased at Wal-Mart or Coborns.
    • Wine Cups- Ordered on-line (Pastor or Sarah will help order these)
    • Oil for Candles- Ordered on-line (Pastor or Sarah will help order these)
    • Candles for Baptism – Ordered on-line (Pastor or Sarah will help order these)
    • Blanket, Cards, Baptismal Cloths – Faith Comforter Closet